Anniversary by Ted Dwyer

Anniversary  2023

Oil on canvas

30 x 15 cm

Halcyon Days by Ted Dwyer

Halcyon Days  2022

Oil on canvas

45 cm x 45 cm

Jim's Creek by Ted Dwyer

Jim's Creek  2022

Oil on canvas

60 cm x 110 cm

A Century of Summers II by Ted Dwyer

A Century of Summers II  2022

Acrylic on canvas

31 x 31 cm

Headland by Ted Dwyer

Headland  2022

Acrylic on canvas

31 X 31 cm

Atoll by Ted Dwyer

Atoll  2016


Seventeen Summers by Ted Dwyer

Seventeen Summers  2022

Oil on canvas

30 x 128 cm

Immanence by Ted Dwyer

Immanence  2022

Oil on canvas

101 x 46 cms

Fairways by Ted Dwyer

Fairways  2022

Pencil, ink and charcoal on paper

40 cm x 20 cm

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