Works    2018 Works

Transitions (Study) by Ted Dwyer

Transitions (Study)  2018

Oil on Canvas

31 X 31 cm

Transitions by Ted Dwyer

Transitions  2018

Oil on Canvas

198 X 100 cm

A Century of Summers by Ted Dwyer

A Century of Summers  2018

Oil on Canvas

30 X 40 cm

The View from Digger's Head by Ted Dwyer

The View from Digger's Head  2018

Pencil on Paper

15 X 30 cms

Estuary Bed by Ted Dwyer

Estuary Bed  2018

Oil on Canvas

76 X 102 cms

The Mother Tree by Ted Dwyer

The Mother Tree  2018

Pencil & black ink on paper

20 X 10 cm

Elysium II by Ted Dwyer

Elysium II  2018

Oil on Canvas

40 X 51 cm

Five Trees by Ted Dwyer

Five Trees  2018

Pencil on Paper (180 gsm)

24 x 32cm

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