Landscape & seascape painter, based in Sydney. Born in 1969.

The unique light, space, colour - as well as extreme conditions - of the eastern seaboard of Australia all change profoundly between the seasons, as well as from dawn to dusk. My work aims to use this shifting and ancient landscape, from the coast to the interior, to explore themes such as solitude, spirituality, silence, tranquility, time and wonder. 


13 February 2015  Dawn Horizons - Shiny 2 Art Gallery, 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney, Sydney, Australia Dawn Horizons Flyer TD


2017 Finalist - George's River Art Prize (Australia) - Georges River Art Prize  Autumn Rising

 2016 Finalist - Hunters Hill Art Prize (Australia) - Hunters Hill Art Prize - Dawn at  Blackheath

 2015  Finalist - Hunters Hill Art Prize (Australia) - Hunters Hill Art Prize - Twilight  Solitude II

 2015  Light Space & Time Seasons Art Competition (USA) - Honourable Mention (Painting) -     Wamberal Solitude - Light Space Time Competition

 2015  Light Space & Time Seasons Art Competition (USA) - Special Recognition - Wollemi Rain

 2014  Finalist - Mosman Art Prize (Australia) - Mosman Art Prize - Nightlands

 My work is held in private collections in various locations, including Australia, France,. the USA and the UK.



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